Speed Damping Trap

It was 12.31.2048 when not so famous professor of quantum physics discovered speed damping effect. He was trying to squeeze small portion of dark matter into quark size sphere when it started to rotate really fast. And all of a sudden the vacuum box with sample of dark matter imploded instantly, followed by the rest of laboratory equipment.

After several months of experiments some basic principles were discovered:

  1. Apparently there is an additional fifth elementary force which manifests itself in very special conditions
  2. The force has two components
    • It is attracting particles with nonzero mass, similarly to gravity field
    • It is also dumping a speed of particles. When particle is moving away from center of force it’s attracted and speed goes down. When it’s approaching the field push it back and speed is again decreasing

Basically it’s  a deadly trap. Not even possible to orbit around because orbital velocity is damped too.
It took professor another two months to go public with these results. Why? Because such kind of field is impossible – it breaks a law of energy conservation.
Of course it was not a problem for engineers. Quite soon they made a tool, a device exploiting new field.

They called it Speed Damping Trap or Speedrap.