How to approach very fast movement in space

In a standard earth-like situations the fastest speed of movement a human can perceive is about 400 km/h. It means that a stone lying on a road 200m ahead will be approached in 1.8 sec. A lot of time to change direction and avoid crash.

Image you are traveling at the speed of 50 km/sec and you can see an asteroid 10 km ahead. You will hit it in 0.2 sec. Are you such fast?

The first, obvious resolution is to say – well, space is not for humans. Let computers to handle my spaceship. But then there’s not much to do during space flight.

Second approach is to amend pilot’s consciousness – to subjectively slow time for him, say 10 times. Then he will have 2 sec to react.

This is what we are going to do. Do you think are there better ways?


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