Lonely Adventure Press Kit




In Lonely Adventure you will take a lonely journey to the edge of the Solar system in a slightly irritating company.

Lonely Adventure is a single player, first person, space adventure & shooter where player takes a journey to the edge of the Solar system. He must discover the source of an anomaly suspected of causing asteroids activity to threaten the Earth. Along the way he will have to survive deep space dangers.

I believe that even story driven games should not be played passively. So instead of watching the story unfolding before his eyes and only choosing dialog options the player should change the world by his actions.

Be prepared for some hidden secrets – not everything is as it seems…

  • Original story about human place in universe. Some mystery to discover
  • Open world with size of 1 billion km without any loading screens
  • Meaningful decisions made not by choosing dialog options but by actual actions performed
  • Several different endings
  • Possibility to immerse in deep space travel
  • Realistic ship maneuver in vacuum space. No artificial friction
  • Destroying objects (asteroids and others)
  • Mining asteroids for substance and energy
  • Sensitivity to cosmic radiation, lack of sleep, lack of oxygen, over acceleration
  • Repairing damaged ship components
  • Flying school
  • Micro-jumps, a wormhole like travel mechanism
  • Interesting space phenomenons


Staring at stars


Shooting in dark with lasers
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